Accessories are a passion of our time, a passion that comes from afar and confirmed by the contemporary trends. The accessory is always personal, worn to appear/be different, to hightlight our own apparel o to modernise an item. Among accessories, the scarfs dress, embrace and complete a style, make it unique.


Since 50 years, Logo_testo dresses men and women with luxury scarfs producing them in Italy by craftsmen for the whole industry from the manufactoring to tailoring.

a little bit of story

The company started as a workshop of tailoring, becoming today a wool factory of accessories. After two generations of high quality artisan manufacturing, it is the moment of the third generation that follows the development of the own brand, after a lot of experience also as strategic partner of important luxury Maison.

Logo_testo defines its own brand with an accurate attention to trends and fashion wonders, interpreting them, and always using refined materials.

The concept is created through a deep research of yarns and structure; the item is perfected by the craftmanship of the company.

The Collection Four Season are wool and printed cashmere for all seasons.